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Prince B. Woodard Leadership Award

The Prince B. Woodard Leadership Award is named after a man who was revered by the community.  Prince B. Woodard was President of Mary Washington College when he died at a relatively young age.  Although he only was in the community a relatively short time, he made a great impression with his vision, integrity and extraordinary service.  Each year, the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce presents the Prince B. Woodard Leadership Award to an individual that exhibits those same characteristics.

Prince B. Woodard Leadership Award Criteria:

  • Extraordinary service over a significant period of time
  • Vision
  • Commitment to the region over a length of time
  • Goes above and beyond the call of duty
  • History of service
  • Integrity and honesty

Prince B. Woodard Leadership Award Recipients

2018     Teri McNally
2017    Jud Honaker
2016    Joseph Grzeika

2015    Richard V. "Rick" Hurley
2014    Edward B. "Ted" Hontz

2013    Kent Farmer
2012    John F. Fick, III
2011    Tom Bricken
2010    Mary Katherine Greenlaw
2009    Gary & Andy Foss
2008    Xavier Richardson
2007    William Young
2006    G. William Beale
2005    Frank Turnage
2004    A. Ray Merchent
2003    Fred M. Rankin, III
2002    Gordon Shelton
2001    George Van Sant
2000    Lawrence A. Davies
1999    William J. Kinnamon
1998    Barbara Terry
1997    Lawrence McMurtrey
1996    Joe Wilson
1995    Jimmy Carver
1994    Charles Taylor Lewis
1993    Marguerite Young
1992    Edward V. Allison, Jr.
1991    Carl D. Silver
1990    J. Dean Lewis
1989    Charles G. McDaniel
1988    William Howell
1987    William Young
1986    Charles “Pete” Hearn