Committee Member Interview Series

Welcome to the Chamber's Network of Young Professionals Committee Member Interview Series, where we highlight the diversity of talent, goals and backgrounds within the group.

Our CNYP Committee is a group who leads the charge to bring events and networking opportunities to young professionals in the Fredericksburg Region. Any business that is a Chamber Member has the opportunity to send their team members who are 21-40 to our events! NextGen hosts professional development events, community service opportunities, and networking meet ups.

Meet Committee Member Amelia Wright!

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Amelia Wright is a Member Services Representative and Team Leader at Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) out of the Bowling Green, VA office. She joined the CNYP Committee in 2019 and is passionate about growing the opportunities we can provide for our network of young professionals. We hope you enjoy getting to know Amelia!

What does a typical day look like within your role?
Every day of mine is different, it just depends on what I have going on and what we have going on in the Cooperative as a whole. From my duties on the safety team, assisting Field Representatives to get orders straight and out of the office, taking phone calls from members about electrical services we offer at REC and more. I love that each day is never the same!

What was your first job?
My first job was at Tinder’s Jewelry and Gifts in Bowling Green. I was 13 years old, so I mostly worked during Christmas time where I would wrap gifts, clean up, etc. As I got older, I did a little more with assisting customers picking out gifts which then developed into a more concrete role, I held while attending college. 

If you could choose anyone as a mentor, who would it be and why?
If I could pick anyone in this time of my life, it would be my boss at REC. I have worked under her for about a year and a half now and she is just the definition of a Girl Boss. She encourages me to do better and to put myself out there. She pushes me to stay involved with the Chamber, further my education and more. She always has my back 100% and that is how I would want to lead!

What are you most proud of at this moment in your career? 
I am proud of being able to maintain both work and my education simultaneously. I mean, I have always worked and went to school at the same time but being able to balance a career and my education is different.  

It is hard and sometimes other aspects of life have to take a back seat but because it is important to me, I make it work. I am going back for my Masters this January and could not be more excited! 

What is your favorite community event?  
The Harvest Festival in Bowling Green, an event that I have volunteered with for the past 11 years. They shut down Main Street annually and host a large car show, which is what I usually assist with. We had about 147 cars this year! The festival consists of food and craft vendors, music, a petting zoo. and different community organizations set up all around. It has always been my favorite event! 

What made you decide to join CNYP? 
I was looking for something that I could get involved in, with people around my age who are looking for opportunities to evolve personally and professionally, like myself. Sometimes at different events, at times I find it intimidating when you’re sitting at a table with someone who has much more experience than you, all while you’re just getting started in your career. It is nice and comforting within CNYP to be surrounded by individuals that are around the same level in their careers as you.

What would you say to someone thinking about joining CNYP?
There is nothing to lose! Come check it out even if you come once and you don’t like it, give us a try. I think you will learn to enjoy the relationships that you build. Just by joining the committee, which is a little more of a commitment, I have obtained some lifelong friends out of this experience. Building relationships is important to me and to be able to do that while bettering myself on a professional level is rewarding. 

How do you decompress after a long day?
I work out! Working out is something I have recently started within the last year. Before that, I would just walk but I have gotten to the point where I have starting going to a gym. The gym distresses me and gives me the time to relax before I get home. I feel like I don’t bring work home this way. 

What is your theme song?
It is more of a theme category but any song that gives off a beach type vibe. I love Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney and anything that makes me feel like I am relaxing on a beach. 

Do you have a favorite Disney movie?
The Lion King! That movie will never get old for me.

Do you have any pets? 
10-year-old Chocolate Lab named is Remi. He is a little snuggle bug!


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