Professional Development

The Chamber's Network of Young Professionals, helps members cultivate professional skills essential for strong leadership with quarterly programs. 

The common theme for each Mid-Week Motivation hosted by CNYP this year is Professional Development. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of leaders to stop waiting to make their impact and to find ways they can lead from where they are now - from entry level positions all the way up through management roles.

January 15 - Mid Week Motivation Lunch

                      Speaker: Speaker: Melanie Yost, Owner of Melanie Yost, LCSW, LLC

April - Mid Week Motivation Breakfast (Details to come)

July - Mid Week Motivation Lunch (Details to come)

September - Mid Week Motivation Lunch (Details to come)


Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee assists in the preparartion and delivery of a industry-wide professional development plans designed to enchance the human potential of all young professionals. 

Professional Development Committee Lead: 

Matt Rothe, The Way Church