STAFFORD, Va., June 8, 2023 – Cyber Bytes Foundation and STEAMBridge proudly announce their partnership, resulting in the highly anticipated launch of the Cyber Titans Youth Summer STEM Camps. Designed to empower youth throughout the DMV and surrounding areas, these camps will revolutionize the educational landscape by providing immersive, hands-on experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Held at the state-of-the-art Cyber Bytes Foundation facility located at 1010 Corporate Dr., Stafford, VA 22554, the camps will span the entire summer from June 5 to August 4.

“By partnering with STEAMBridge to launch the Cyber Titans Youth Summer STEM Camps, we are thrilled to establish an exceptional platform for children to immerse themselves in the world of technology,” said Cesar Nadar, Executive Director of Cyber Bytes Foundation. “Our commitment to fostering a dynamic technology ecosystem in the region drives us to unlock the potential of young minds, ignite their passion for STEM, and shape the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. Together, we are creating an environment that promotes growth, agility, and technological advancements.”

The Cyber Titans Youth Summer STEM Camps feature an impressive lineup of captivating programs designed to inspire, educate, and empower young minds:

  1. PC Camp: Unleash Creativity through Building Your Own PC & Gaming Competition (June 5-9)
    Participants embark on an exciting journey, mastering the art of assembling their personal computers from scratch while gaining valuable insights into the thrilling realm of gaming.
  2. 3D Printing Camp: Ignite Imagination through Constructing 3D Printers & Designing Creations (June 12-16)
    Campers will dive headfirst into the captivating world of 3D printing technology, constructing their very own 3D printers and unleashing their boundless creativity by designing unique and awe-inspiring creations.
  3. Drone Camp: Soar to New Heights by Building and Programming Your Own Drone (July 10-14)
    Throughout this camp, participants will explore the exhilarating possibilities of drones, constructing and programing their very own aerial devices, ultimately showcasing their skills in an electrifying end-of-year drone competition.
  4. PC Camp (2): Satiate the Demand for Excellence in Building PCs & Gaming (July 17-21)
    Due to overwhelming demand, an additional session of the PC camp is offered, ensuring that more children experience the joy of building their own high-performance PCs and competing in thrilling gaming challenges.
  5. VR Game Design Camp: Unleash Creativity with VR Headsets, Avatar Creation, World Design, and Storyline Crafting (July 24-28)
    Campers will immerse themselves in the captivating world of virtual reality. Equipped with their personal VR headsets, they will have the unique opportunity to develop avatars, design virtual worlds, and craft engaging storylines.
  6. Robotics Camp: Ignite Innovation by Building and Programming Desktop Robotic Arms (July 31 – August 4)
    This camp unlocks the potential of robotics as participants construct and program their own desktop robotic arms, exploring the limitless possibilities of automation and innovation.

“STEAMBridge is thrilled to join forces with Cyber Bytes Foundation in offering these cutting-edge STEM summer camps,” said Joel Scharlat, Founder and CEO of STEAMBridge. “Through the synergistic combination of our expertise and resources, we are creating an exceptional environment where children can unleash their imagination, develop invaluable skills, and lay the foundation for a future marked by innovation and success.”

Enrollment for the Cyber Titans Youth Summer STEM Camps is now open. To register or gain further insights into these exceptional programs, please visit or contact Sam Hanson at [email protected].