LinkedIn has less total number of users than most social media platforms, BUT LinkedIn is the number one driver of tangible leads when compared to Facebook and Instagram.

Did you know you can track and benchmark your business against your competitors on LinkedIn?

Competitor analytics help business owners gauge their brands performance against competitors for the below metrics:

-Follower metrics

-Organic content metrics

Follow these steps to set up your competitor analytics:

  • Once on your business page navigate to the analytics drop down and pick Competitors

  • Now you will set up your competitor list with those businesses you would like to benchmark yourself against.

  • At the top of the page next to Competitor Analytics click, Edit Competitors

  • Once you click Edit Competitors the below screen will populate with a box to search for your competitors pages. You can add up to 10 competitors to your list

Now you can measure follower metrics and content metrics for your business and those businesses you consider competitors.