FREDERICKSBURG, VA, (June 6, 2024) – Mary Washington Healthcare (MWHC) hosted its annual Stroke & Trauma Awareness Expo on May 29th at the Mary Washington Hospital Atrium. The event aimed to raise awareness during National Stroke Awareness Month and Trauma Awareness Month. With the participation of over 30 exhibitors, including clinical care teams from Mary Washington Hospital’s Level II Trauma Center and Certified Primary Stroke Center, as well as community, healthcare, and patient support organizations, the expo provided valuable education and resources.


Attendees, including patients, visitors, and MWHC associates, had the opportunity to learn about preventative measures for stroke, risk factors, and post-stroke recovery. The expo featured informative sessions on blood pressure screenings, diabetes management, smoking cessation, speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, surgical procedures, and treatments. Additionally, the event emphasized the importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms of stroke using the BE FAST acronym – Balance, Eyes, Face, Arms, Speech, and Time.


The expo also focused on trauma care, with trauma professionals from Mary Washington Hospital’s Level II Trauma Center, medical practices, emergency departments, and the region’s Emergency Medical Service (EMS) community providing insights into trauma patient care. Attendees received information on the entire journey, from initial injury to treatment, surgery, and recovery. The expo also offered Stop the Bleed training, injury prevention tools, and strategies to reduce trauma risks.


“Community education is a priority for Mary Washington Healthcare, and our Stroke & Trauma Expo is one of our highlighted annual events,” stated Nehad Abed, Director of Emergency Services, Mary Washington Healthcare. “Our goal is to educate and train people to recognize signs and symptoms of stroke and to implement ways to reduce trauma risk and injury.”


For comprehensive stroke resources, individuals are encouraged to visit To learn more about Mary Washington Hospital’s Level II Trauma Center, please visit



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