Rappahannock United Way is recruiting women in the workforce who are looking to improve their financial situation by participating in our Prosper Mentoring initiative.

Through education and mentoring we will meet women where they are and empower them to set their own path to economic self-sufficiency.  For some that path will focus on addressing health issues, or overcoming childcare challenges, perhaps fixing transportation troubles, eliminating debt or increasing earning potential.

With the support of a mentor, women will make intentional, meaningful and lasting changes that will positively impact the trajectory of their whole life and well-being.

If you can help us to spread the word to recruit women for the second cohort of Prosper Mentoring, by sharing the attached information we would really appreciate it.

LINK FOR MORE INFO: https://www.rappahannockunitedway.org/get-help/prosper-mentoring/

LINK FOR PROSPER MENTORING VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2a5NQrxK-c&t=4s