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LeadShares are biweekly B2B networking meetings designed to help members generate and share business leads and warm referrals. Friends like to give business to friends. You’ll grow your network and sales organically, by building strong relationships with a diverse cross-section of the business community. Groups are non-compete with one seat per industry.

You’re never alone when you join a LeadShare. You’ll share best practices, marketing and branding tips, and resources. Members take turns presenting to educate each other about their businesses and their ideal referrals.


The access to resources and relationships gained by our involvement in the Chamber became formative and motivating elements of our business strategy. LeadShare gave us the opportunities while starting a company emerging from our collective challenging times that just wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Mickey Riesenberg

CEM, President, Force Multiplier Management

As soon as Capitalize joined the Chamber, I looked for a LeadShare.  I had heard that they were the best way to connect with others and to grow our business.  Thankfully, that is exactly what happened.  What I didn’t expect though is that I would also gain good friends.

I cherish the time with my LeadShare.  We learn about each other.  We invest in our businesses, and we constantly meet new people.  I know that both I, as an individual, and my business have both grown because of the Chamber’s LeadShare program.  It may very well be the most valuable part of our membership.

Gordon Duncan

CEO, Capitalize Marketing & Consulting

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