The University of Mary Washington has extended the enrollment deadline for admitted first-year undergraduate students to June 1, 2024, allowing an additional month for students and families to review financial aid. UMW has offered additional flexibility for incoming students to make their decision to enroll due to numerous delays in the filing and reporting process for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from the U.S. Department of Education.

“We appreciate the patience of our admitted students and their supporters as we navigate this unprecedented situation,” said Dean of Admissions and Associate Vice President Melissa Yakabouski. “It is our goal to provide the best information to our students regarding need-based assistance so they are confident in choosing UMW for their four years of undergraduate education. We understand that students may need time to review, ask questions and make confirming visits once awarding begins, and we want to provide the opportunity to do all of these things. We encourage any student with financial concerns to connect with their UMW admissions or financial aid counselor to have a personal conversation.”

Students who have been admitted to UMW have received merit award notices, and financial aid packages will be completed when need-based award information can be calculated and sent to students. Financial aid award letters are expected to be available later in April. The deadline extension from May 1 to June 1 offers more time for students and their families to review details of their awards and connect with UMW with any questions.

UMW answers frequently asked questions about this year’s FAFSA in online resources and students can still complete the FAFSA for need-based aid. Students still have time to apply to the University of Mary Washington as well, and once admitted, have access to personalized resources, including a Financial Aid webinar focused on the FAFSA and understanding their financial aid on April 9Read more.