GWRideConnect is the free ridesharing service in the Fredericksburg, VA region that connects you to transportation solutions other than driving alone.


Vanpooling is Easy

Vanpools offer commuters one of the most cost-effective, efficient ways of getting to and from work.


Introducing Commute!VA Application

Make your commute a breeze with the new Commute!VA app It is now easier than ever for commuters to rideshare and find commute options in Virginia.


  1. How many employees do you have?  The GWRideConnect Program has 3 full time employees however, we are part of a larger organization, The George Washington Regional Commission, which has 15 full time employees.
  2. How does your business give back to the community? We give back to our community by maintaining accurate information, which we use to assist as many commuters as possible, to find an alternative to their single-occupancy-vehicle commute. Helping to ease traffic congestion and reduce pollution, due to car emissions, is one of the most rewarding ways GWRideConnect gives back to, not only the community, but to the entire world.  We like to think we add a little happiness to those who trade in their “drive alone” commute for a stress-free ride, to catch up on sleep, play games, listen to music, or finish up that presentation you didn’t have time for last night.
  3. What services or products do you offer?  GWRideConnect’s free matching service provides commuters with unlimited, personalized match lists with the names and contact information of vanpools, carpools, and other transit options that meet their specific commuting needs.  Our free matching service also helps vanpool companies as well, providing them with lists of commuters, who have elected to share their personal contact information.  Helping to connect both sides of the commute, increases our chance of getting more people into an alternative commute option.
  4. What is your business’s proudest accomplishment?  Every commuter that we help to transition from a single-occupancy-vehicle into a vanpool or transit option helps to reduce the negative impact such commuting has on our environment by reducing carbon emissions, congestion and the stress related to commuting in this region – we help improve commuter’s quality of life!  That is what puts a smile on our faces and motivates us to keep doing what we do.
  5. What are the organization’s top priorities?  GWRideConnect’s top priority is to help as many commuters as possible, who originate in the Virginia Planning District 16 which is comprised of the Counties of Stafford, Spotsylvania, Caroline, King George, and the City of Fredericksburg, to find an alternative to commuting alone to work.  When we do this, there are so many other benefits that happen as a result.  Educating residents, in our jurisdiction, that we are here, we are excited to help them explore different transportation options, and that they can have a happy commute is the goal of every workday.
  6. How do you keep your employees motivated?  We keep each other motivated through teamwork and by creating a culture of inclusion and shared responsibility.  The staff encourages you to be creative and think outside the box and challenges you to set career goals and plan for your future with the organization.  Learning something new every day, keeps you engaged and exposure to new trends in the Transportation Demand Management world keeps you on the cutting edge of the industry and ahead of the curve when it comes to trends.
  7. What else would you like to tell us about your organization?  We want commuters in our region to know we are passionate about helping them find the best commute available to them.  We cannot help our community without the commuter taking the first step and contacting us.   Our partnerships with area commuters and transportation providers make us a strong resource for traffic congestion mitigation without the cost of building and maintaining new roads. GWRideConnect is a member of Commuter Connections allowing us to offer the Guaranteed Ride Home program to those heading north, providing a sense of security to know that there is an option if an emergency arises.  GWRideConnect has also just entered into a partnership with Commute!VA.  This new app allows commuters to get personalized commute options from their phones or computer, with just a few clicks.  The app offers rewards when commuters choose a greener commute, those rewards can be redeemed at local restaurants and shops.


For more information about GWRideConnect, please visit our website at or call: 540-373-7665.