In the past 10 years, Solarize Virginia has helped more than 1,400 homeowners make the switch to solar power. This cost-effective program provides local homeowners with a streamlined process for harnessing the sun’s rays.

“Making the switch to solar can be challenging for a number of reasons,” says LEAP Co-Executive Director Katie VanLangen.

“Whether it’s because the quotes are complicated, they don’t know who to trust, or the upfront cost is daunting, it can be overwhelming. We’re here to be a trusted partner and a guiding hand.”

Solarize Virginia started as a grassroots initiative in 2014 when local nonprofit LEAP recognized a need for solar energy support in Virginia. Transitioning to solar energy helps homeowners and businesses save money and support climate goals. Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act last year, which increased the solar tax credit from 26% to 30%, providing even more incentive for participants.

By switching to solar energy now, Virginians can minimize their carbon footprint, reduce utility bills, and protect themselves from future rate increases. Solarize Virginia offers discounted rates for its program, so homeowners can feel confident that they are getting competitive rates.

“LEAP’s successful model to connect program participants directly to a vetted solar contractor takes a major headache out of the process, making it easier for Fredericksburg residents to invest in solar energy for their home,” says Robert Courtnage of the Fredericksburg Clean and Green Commission.

Interested homeowners and businesses can sign up for this annual program and receive a free solar assessment until June 30th. LEAP also provides ongoing customer support and education throughout the process to make it as smooth as possible.  Signing up is free and requires no commitment until you sign a contract with an installer.

Please visit for more information. Informative webinars are also available and free to attend. To register for a webinar please visit