Recently, FAHASS and Upchurch Entertainment came together for a special trivia night event to celebrate Pride Month and raise funds for the Pride Center. This collaboration successfully raised over $350 for the Pride Center, with an added bonus of FAHASS not needing to allocate any funds to host the event. This partnership is an example of the power of community collaboration, combining different perspectives and experiences to create a memorable and impactful evening.

A Night of Inclusion and Support

The trivia night attracted a diverse crowd, including regular trivia enthusiasts and newcomers, fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for the LGBTQ community. This event was an example of social responsibility, with businesses actively supporting a nonprofit organization while promoting inclusivity and diversity. FAHASS had the opportunity to engage with individuals new to the agency, broadening its reach and sharing its mission with a larger audience.

The Importance of Business-Nonprofit Collaborations

Amanda Strawn, Development Coordinator for FAHASS, emphasized the significance of such collaborations in our community:

“I think it’s important for nonprofits and local businesses to engage with each other in ways that are mutually beneficial for both parties. Successful collaborations bring new faces to both the nonprofit and the business, creating growth for all entities involved. My personal philosophy is built on the idea of collaborations, and I love to find ways to help everyone grow together for the overall improvement of our region. This felt like a perfect opportunity towards that goal!”

Creating Shared Value

The collaboration between FAHASS and Upchurch Entertainment not only supported a local cause but also highlighted the benefits of partnerships between nonprofits and local businesses. By working together, they created an event that promoted social responsibility, community engagement, and inclusivity, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.

A Model for Future Initiatives

This event serves as a model for future collaborations, demonstrating how businesses and nonprofits can work together to achieve common goals. It showcases the potential for growth and positive impact when organizations pool their resources, ideas, and audiences. The success of this trivia night is a testament to the power of community collaboration and the importance of supporting one another to foster a vibrant, inclusive, and supportive region.

FAHASS looks forward to continuing to build partnerships with local businesses and organizations, finding new ways to engage with the community, and furthering their mission to positively impact individual and community health.