This month the Chamber is featuring quotes about mentoring from women leaders of the Board of Directors. We’re kicking it off with Susan Spears, President and CEO of the Chamber. A certified leadership and mentor coach, Susan shared why mentorship is in important tool for leaders to seek and provide throughout various stages of their professional journey.

Q- Why is mentorship important? Mentoring is important for building trusting relationships that are open to feedback and learning. When a mentoring partnership is strong, individuals develop new ideas and perspectives. It can be a determining factor for whether an upcoming leader succeeds or stalls.

Q- I mentor because? The people that have mentored me throughout my life shaped who I am today. I was able to enhance my talents, skills, and confidence largely through their guidance. I learned to weigh their advice equally with my own vision as I chose my own path. I respect their journeys immensely. If I can provide even the smallest nugget of guidance to someone else, I feel I am obligated to do so.

Q- A mentor was important to me because? They took time out of their important schedules for me. To listen to my problems and not belittle them. To listen to my dreams and not crush them. To provide the encouragement, kindness, “tough love,” and support that I needed. I have been fortunate to have mentors in my life since I was a child. I cannot imagine my journey without them..

Happy Women’s History Month!