When Jordan Carpenter started her collegiate basketball career at the University of Mary Washington in 2020, she focused on the next point, the next game, the next step. And her parents were there each step of the way, coming from their home in Richmond, Virginia, to attend each game and cheer her on.

Now a senior approaching graduation in May, she heard their familiar voices in the stands of the Anderson Center arena counting down the points needed to 1,000 in a memorable game on January 27, 2024.

“You need eight points!” her dad yelled, throwing his fingers in the air. The countdown intensified, and Carpenter’s dad signaled the remaining points with a three-finger gesture. With only seconds left on the clock and the opposing team in possession, Carpenter’s coach rallied the team to secure the ball. The tension reached its peak as Carpenter drove down the court, making an unforgettable buzzer-beating shot that not only won the game but also catapulted her into the 1,000-point club. Read more.